Wednesday, September 15, 2010


n said...

dear comrade, i had the opportunity to attend the procession & inaugural session at tagore hall, kozhikode. the procession was massive and that itself showed the commitment of our comrades towards our association. i am from coimbatore and when our All India Gen.Sec. commended our division along with other 2 divisions, in his speech, we felt very proud. another feather on the cap of our divisional leadership. com.thomas issac's deep knowledge in economy raised my hair. HATS OFF TO OUR KOZHIKODE COMRADES FOR THEIR SUPERB ARRANGEMENTS INSPITE OF MANY CONSTRAINTS. WE THANK THEM FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEART FOR THEIR HOSPITALITY. we saw senior comrades supplying drinking water all the way through the procession. THANK U COMRADES. PROUD TO BE AN AIIEA MEMBER - N.RAVINDRANATH

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