Thursday, October 28, 2010

WFTU Solidarity with Foxconn workers and unionists


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Athens,25 October 2010

The World Federation of Trade Unions expresses its utmost solidarity to the struggle of the workers in Foxconn company in India and denounces the arrest of trade union leaders and workers. We demand the immediate release of those still in prison and stop the state violence immediately.

The WFTU supports the militant struggles of trade unionists and workers in Chennai area demanding raises in their salaries, free exercise of their trade union rights and recognition of their trade union, affiliated to CITU (Centre of Indian Trade Unions).

We strongly condemn the suppression measures, the mass arrests and the intimidation, used by the police, under the orders of the capitalists and the government, to crush the strike of hundreds of workers. The government and the police are working together to offer cheap labor force to the multinationals.

On behalf of the 80 million members of the WFTU representing 120 countries of the world, we demand immediate satisfaction of workers demands. State terrorism and violence against workers who struggle for their trade union and labor rights to stop.

We unite our voice with the voice of workers in Foxconn factory in India who fight against exploitation, against capital and against anti-labor policies.

Once more it is confirmed that in conditions of capitalist barbarism against workers, internationalism and proletarian solidarity are imperative.

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