Thursday, August 25, 2011

Inter-face with Insurance Clients · Novel Initiative from a Trade Union


Chennai, August 24: A programme called Insurance Parliament was held today (Wednesday, August 24) at Chennai (LLA Building, Anna Salai) under the auspices of All India Insurance Employees’ Association (AIIEA). The Chennai Chapter of the trade union facilitated a lively interaction between the policyholders and the officials of the four Public Sector General Insurance Companies (1.National Insurance Co. Ltd., 2.New India Assurance Co. Ltd., 3.Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd. and 4.United India Insurance Co. Ltd.).

Mr. K. Swaminathan (Joint Secretary, AIIEA) acted as Speaker of the Parliament and senior Officials of the four PS Companies (who were seated as Council of Ministers) were asked to respond to the queries, complaints and suggestions of policyholders who were invited to the programme. Delay in settlement of claims, problems faced by policyholders in the matter of servicing of Medical Insurance through Third Party Administrators, expectations for cashless settlement of two-wheeler and Motor Car insurance claims were highlighted in the debate. There were also suggestions for improvements in the facilities like on-line insurance, email/SMS reminders for renewal of insurances and regular interaction with individual and small policyholders.

The participants included a good number of customers who expressed satisfaction in the services rendered by the PS Companies but they only wanted a quicker service.

Earlier, the trade union sent out letters to the clients in 40 offices of the Insurance Companies (10 offices each of the 4 PS Companies in the city) seeking their inputs on the service aspect. Mr. G. Anand, South Zone General Secretary of the trade union, said that over 500 responses were received within a week’s time through the suggestion boxes kept in the 40 offices.

Mrs. L. Umamaheswari, General Secretary of the Chennai Region, said that the programme helped to indentify areas for further improvements in the services of the PS Companies.

The officials of the four PS Companies cooperated in the endeavour, said Mr. Ascar Hussain, Convener of the Programme.

The following executives took part in the Insurance Parliament programme and answered the queries raised by the policyholders:

(1) United India Insurance Co. Ltd.

Shri. S.P.Nanda, DGM, Head Office

Shri. S.Valaguru, RM, Chennai Region

Shri. N.Alagappan, Sr.Divisional Manager

(2) National Insurance Co. Ltd.

Smt. Nirmala Ravishankar, DGM

Shri. Bhoopathy, RM, Chennai Region

(3) New India Assurance Co. Ltd.

Shri. Singara Ganesan, RM, Chennai Region

Shri. Bensagir, Sr.Divisional Manager

(4) Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd.

Shri. G.Anandan, DGM

Shri. B.S.Vasanthkumar, RM, Chennai Region

(5) All India Insurance Employees’ Association (AIIEA)

Shri J. Gurumurthy, Secretary (Standing Committee)

Shri P.V.Nanda Kumar, South Zone President



‘Insurance Parliament’ programme

Chennai Region General Insurance Employees’ Assn

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